UB1.Beaches UB10.Piping Hot Plovers
UB2.Beach Chicks UB11.Barefoot Cuntessas
UB3.Planet Volleywood UB12.Ball Busters
UB4.fourfit UB13.Meat Ballers
UB5.Perfect Woody's UB14.Poles and Holes
UB6.Kings of the Beach UB15.Booty Bumpers
UB7.I Don't Know Her UB16.Miss Saaandjie
UB8.Beach Bunz UB17.Risque Queens
UB9.You can't SET with us UB18.Up-Setters
Jun 7Court 5UB12 UB1 UB11 v UB12UB1UB11 v UB1UB12UB12 v UB1UB11
Court 6UB8 UB2 UB15 v UB8UB2UB15 v UB2UB8UB8 v UB2UB15
Court 7UB7 UB4 UB13 v UB7UB4UB13 v UB4UB7UB7 v UB4UB13
Court 8UB6 UB5 UB16 v UB6UB5UB16 v UB5UB6UB6 v UB5UB16
Court 9UB3 UB10 UB14 v UB3UB10UB14 v UB10UB3UB3 v UB10UB14
Court 10UB17 UB9 UB18 v UB17UB9UB18 v UB9UB17UB17 v UB9UB18
Jun 14Court 10UB16 UB3 UB7 v UB16UB3UB7 v UB3UB16UB16 v UB3UB7
Court 11UB9 UB13 UB2 v UB9UB13UB2 v UB13UB9UB9 v UB13UB2
Court 12UB15 UB6 UB17 v UB15UB6UB17 v UB6UB15UB15 v UB6UB17
Court 13UB10 UB8 UB12 v UB10UB8UB12 v UB8UB10UB10 v UB8UB12
Court 14UB1 UB14 UB5 v UB1UB4UB5 v UB11UB14UB14 v UB4UB11
Court 15UB11 UB4 UB14 v UB11UB4UB4 v UB1UB14
Jun 21Court 5UB5 UB12 UB5 v UB14UB12UB12 v UB14UB5UB12 v UB5UB14
Court 6UB6 UB11 UB6 v UB4UB11UB11 v UB4UB6UB11 v UB6UB4
Court 7UB2 UB1 UB2 v UB7UB1UB1 v UB7UB2UB1 v UB2UB7
Court 8UB8 UB3 UB8 v UB9UB3UB3 v UB9UB8UB3 v UB8UB9
Court 9UB16 UB10 UB13 v UB16UB17UB13 v UB15UB10UB10 v UB17UB15
Court 10UB15 UB17 UB10 v UB15UB17UB17 v UB16UB10
Jun 28Court 5UB13 UB14 UB13 v UB17UB14UB14 v UB17UB13UB14 v UB13UB17
Court 6UB11 UB10 UB11 v UB16UB10UB10 v UB16UB11UB10 v UB11UB16
Court 7UB4 UB15 UB4 v UB5UB15UB15 v UB5UB4UB15 v UB4UB5
Court 8UB2 UB12 UB2 v UB3UB12UB12 v UB3UB2UB12 v UB2UB3
Court 9UB7 UB1 UB8 v UB7UB9UB8 v UB6UB1UB1 v UB9UB6
Court 10UB6 UB9 UB1 v UB6UB9UB9 v UB7UB1
Jul 5No Volleyball
Jul 12Court 5UB1 UB16 UB1 v UB8UB16UB16 v UB8UB1UB16 v UB1UB8
Court 6UB14 UB7 UB14 v UB15UB7UB7 v UB15UB14UB7 v UB14UB15
Court 7UB17 UB2 UB17 v UB5UB2UB2 v UB5UB17UB2 v UB17UB5
Court 8UB12 UB13 UB12 v UB6UB13UB13 v UB6UB12UB13 v UB12UB6
Court 9UB9 UB3 UB10 v UB9UB11UB10 v UB4UB3UB3 v UB11UB4
Court 10UB4 UB11 UB3 v UB4UB11UB11 v UB9UB3
Jul 19Court 5UB1 UB10 UB1 v UB13UB10UB10 v UB13UB1UB10 v UB1UB13
Court 6UB9 UB14 UB9 v UB6UB14UB14 v UB6UB9UB14 v UB9UB6
Court 7UB11 UB17 UB11 v UB8UB17UB17 v UB8UB11UB17 v UB11UB8
Court 8UB4 UB16 UB4 v UB2UB16UB16 v UB2UB4UB16 v UB4UB2
Court 9UB3 UB7 UB15 v UB3UB5UB15 v UB12UB7UB7 v UB5UB12
Court 10UB12 UB5 UB7 v UB12UB5UB5 v UB3UB7
Jul 26Court 5UB7 UB6 UB7 v UB10UB6UB6 v UB10UB7UB6 v UB7UB10
Court 6UB3 UB17 UB3 v UB1UB17UB17 v UB1UB3UB17 v UB3UB1
Court 7UB12 UB4 UB12 v UB9UB4UB4 v UB9UB12UB4 v UB12UB9
Court 8UB8 UB13 UB8 v UB5UB13UB13 v UB5UB8UB13 v UB8UB5
Court 9UB11 UB16 UB2 v UB11UB15UB2 v UB14UB16UB16 v UB15UB14
Court 10UB14 UB15 UB16 v UB14UB15UB15 v UB11UB16
Aug 2Court 5UB14 UB15 UB14 v UB1UB15UB15 v UB1UB14UB15 v UB14UB1
Court 6UB11 UB7 UB11 v UB13UB7UB7 v UB13UB11UB7 v UB11UB13
Court 7UB9 UB5 UB9 v UB10UB5UB5 v UB10UB9UB5 v UB9UB10
Court 8UB16 UB12 UB16 v UB17UB12UB12 v UB17UB16UB12 v UB16UB17
Court 9UB8 UB6 UB4 v UB8UB2UB4 v UB3UB6UB6 v UB2UB3
Court 10UB3 UB2 UB6 v UB3UB2UB2 v UB8UB6
Aug 9Court 5UB15 UB9 UB15 v UB16UB9UB9 v UB16UB15UB9 v UB15UB16
Court 6UB17 UB7 UB17 v UB4UB7UB7 v UB4UB17UB7 v UB17UB4
Court 7UB10 UB11 UB10 v UB2UB11UB11 v UB2UB10UB11 v UB10UB2
Court 8UB5 UB1 UB5 v UB12UB1UB1 v UB12UB5UB1 v UB5UB12
Court 9UB14 UB13 UB6 v UB14UB8UB6 v UB3UB13UB13 v UB8UB3
Court 10UB3 UB8 UB13 v UB3UB8UB8 v UB14UB13
Aug 22Playoffs